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Goya’s Etchings, Los Caprichos Artwork Print.

Goya’s etchings, Los Caprichos Artwork Print – Thumbnail
This Artwork print is a replication of Goya’s etching series known as Los Caprichos, a set of 80 prints, and each print highlight the issue of our society it was originally published in the year 1799 influenced during a time of social repression economic crisis, and the technique used in this Print is known as aquatint that produces tonal effect by using acid that bites into the printing plate creating areas which hold the ink.
Goya’s etchings, Los Caprichos Artwork Print – Screen shoot 01
Goya’s etchings, Los Caprichos Artwork Print – Screen shoot 02

Title of the Artwork: Los Caprichos.
Paper Specification: Archi Paper, 200 g.
Available Size: 8 x 9 inches

Home delivery is available across Pakistan.
Delivery charges are to be paid upon delivery.
-- Final product may be slightly different from as shown in this picture.

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